Raison d'être

Humanity has learned to accept and take for granted:
  • Natural intellectual limitations.
  • Traumatic incidents & disease.
  • The aging process.

In addition to the effects of incapacity and decrepitude that strike our loved ones and ourselves, there is the possibility of an emerging competition with de-novo Artificial Intelligence, which if surpassing the human intellect entails potential risks.

These issues are often considered either too difficult to tackle or, despite associated suffering, are often dismissed as irrelevant.

We believe that if it is in our ability then we should address these issues and seek to reduce suffering and increase well-being.

Specific approaches toward this objective, such as brain emulation, show promise as tools with which to successfully address some of these issues, while other current scientific endeavors are also headed in similar directions. Chief among them, Neuroprosthetics is the only technology that promises to address all of these issues at once.


Typical research efforts are undirected, fractionated and slow.

The foundation was thus created to address the need to both propose a vision and provide the means to make this vision a reality.